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Our vision is to become your ultimate go-to destination for mastering memory forensics, a critical skill for cybersecurity practitioners worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, our platform offers comprehensive resources to help you excel in memory acquisition and analysis.

Our mission is to empower first responders and digital forensic investigators with comprehensive knowledge and practical expertise in memory acquisition and analysis.

Memory forensics is indispensable in uncovering the root causes of incidents and cases, offering invaluable insights through its own artifacts and a wealth of disk-related artifacts. At Memory Forensic, we recognize its pivotal role and are committed to providing the most authoritative and accessible resources for learners at all levels.

Discover a wealth of tutorials, challenges, tools, CTFs write-ups, real-world samples, expert-led courses, industry-recognized certifications (hopefully in the future), insightful reviews, recommended books, and much more – all meticulously curated to accelerate your journey in memory forensics.

Memory analysis is the decisive victory on the battlefield between offense and defense, giving the upper hand to incident responders by exposing injection and hooking techniques that would otherwise remain undetected

~ SANS Organization

Husam Shbib is a professional cybersecurity consultant, adept in penetration testing, digital forensics, malware analysis, programming, and OSINT. Throughout his career, he has exhibited an unwavering commitment to overcoming challenges, considering them stepping stones to success.

He holds multiple well-regarded cybersecurity certifications, including ICMDE, CCE, 3CE, 3CI, eCDFP, CEH, etc. These certifications underscore his commitment to maintaining a high level of expertise and staying current with industry best practices.

Recently, he was also invited to participate in ASFSFM 2023 conference as a speaker to present part of his research in “Private Browsing Forensics”

Drawing from a passion for cybersecurity, Husam Shbib authored a storybook titled “Captain Cyber and the Safe Surfing Adventure” to teach children about online safety in a simple, engaging way. Through relatable characters and imaginative storytelling, the book introduces fundamental cybersecurity concepts, empowering young readers to navigate the digital world securely.

Beyond the digital realm, he is an advocate for fostering cybersecurity awareness in local communities. So, he is committed in sharing cybersecurity knowledge, both through online platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube, as well as online & in-person mentoring.