mellitus htb challenge


This lab is made by HackTheBox.

Lab Scenario

“You’ve been a SOC analyst for the last 4 years but you’ve been honing your incident response skills! It’s about time you bite the bullet and go for your dream job as an Incident Responder as that’s the path you’d like your career to follow. Currently you are going through the interview process for a medium size incident response internal team and the cocky interviewing responder has given you a tough technical challenge to test your memory forensics aptitude. Can you get all the questions right and secure the job?”

Downloading the Memory Dump / Running on the Cloud Lab

Please visit the lab official link to download the memory dump.

Used Tools


  • To uncompress the lab file (pass: hacktheblue)
  • The lab is FREE at the time of writing this post (if retired, it will be paid and only for VIP users)


In this blog, I briefly notified you about a newly released memory forensic challenge.

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